The Shipping Corporation of India Ltd. (SCI) accepted delivery of a Very Large Crude Oil Carrier (VLCC)

As per the Press Release from The Shipping Corporation of India, we would like to share this news with our members.

P R E S S    R E L E A S E

The Shipping Corporation of India Ltd. (SCI) accepted delivery of a Very Large Crude Oil Carrier (VLCC) on 28th March, 2015. The vessel has been named as m.t. “Desh Vibhor”.


The vessel was ordered with Jiangsu Rongsheng Heavy Industries Co. Ltd., China during November 2010. The vessel has a gross tonnage of 165,319 tonnes and deadweight of 316,634 tonnes at scantling draft. The vessel has been classed with IRS and LRS and has been built to comply with latest international regulations.


            India as a nation is dependent on import of crude oil and having tankers under Indian flag provides vital energy security to the country. As is known, uninterrupted transport and supply of oil, a major source of primary energy, is vital to a country’s growth.  In times of international crisis, it is all the more important to maintain a secured supply line.  In view of this, addition of crude oil tankers to national fleet will ensure uninterrupted transport of essential cargoes such as crude oil and petroleum products in the process ensuring national energy security. Energy transportation has also been the core business segment for SCI and induction of this vessel in SCI’s fleet will strengthen its position in this sector.


            Acquisition of this vessel is in line with SCI’s strategy of maintaining a modern and young fleet of vessels. With addition of this vessel, SCI’s fleet strength has increased to 69 vessels of 3.29 million GT and 5.89 million dwt. 

Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda triangle, which is also known as the Devil's Triangle is a place
which lies in the Atlantic Ocean. It's 3 points lays on Bermuda, Florida and Puerto Rico. The 
Bermuda Triangle is not accounted on any Natural Map and is not officially considered, though some people believe it to be very real. The theory behind the place being that planes and dozen of ships vanish from that area without any solid explanation. Over the years many theories have been coined to the mysterious disappearances, while some believing it to be some sort of geological explanation or storms, it is also believed that ships might get struck from rogue tidal waves or some other anomaly.

Many of the famous disappearance include Mary Celeste which was a British build American 
merchant Ship which was found in the Atlantic Ocean unnamed and abandoned, although the 
weather was fine and all the crew of the ship were experience capable men. The cargo of the ship was untouched and the ship had food rations for 6 months.The other being U.S. Navy Avengers Flight 19, where a routine patrol on a sunny day with 5 
experienced student pilots, when they received transmission from the flight leader that there instruments were not functioning and they were lost. They were never found after that final transmission.

The U.S. Coast and Navy on the other hand seem to believe that Human error and environmental effects can be the reason for such disappearance. As it is one of the most highly used route by most vessels and planes leading to more risk for accidents.

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